Our services

In our company we offer, among others, the following services:

• Urgent locksmiths

• Installation of locks

• Door opening

• Cutlery: knives and penknives for sale

• Knives, scissors, razors and cutting tools are sharpened

• Blank pistols for sale

• Coded car keys are manufactured

• Garage controls

• Clothing alterations (arrangement of tops, soles, leather clothing, etc.)

• Sale of shoe material, creams, sprays, special insoles, etc.

Our 24-hour locksmith will help you solve any problem with your lock and the security systems of your home, business, premises, etc.

We are at your service. Call us. We wait for you. 24h service.

The best locksmith service at your disposal at any time of the day, seven days a week. Feel free to contact us.

Mortise and rim locks need to be assembled, anchored and adjusted by master locksmiths
like us.

We can install the new invisible lock, which is the definitive solution to theft with the following characteristics:

- Compatible with your current door or conventional lock
- Easy installation
- Without maintenance
- No wires
- No fees

We are authorized REMOCK LOCKEY dealers.

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